Digital Bank of the Future

Influencer Marketing

Oracle achieves 260% of its lead gen target and a fruitful new channel to market

A multichannel, insight-led, content marketing programme where results outstripped all expectations: a $26 million pipeline, massively amplified reach and credibility, and a brand new, hugely productive channel.

The Challenge

To create a campaign to bring Oracle closer to digital banking decision-makers in new, emerging and established retail banks. To achieve a target pipeline of $10 million.

The Solution

Know your audience

Two in-depth MOI research pieces revealed a major disconnect between consumer expectations and actual banking practices. In short, High St banks weren’t delivering for today’s demanding, always-on consumer.

Know, and grow, your opportunity

Now was Oracle’s opportunity to address, and help resolve, the customer problem. So MOI produced two industry reports and a benchmarking tool for banks to evaluate their current practices. Distributed via a multichannel communication strategy, the resulting data provided Oracle with rich information about the readiness of their audience for a digital future, meaning prospects could be entered into a highly targeted nurture programme. Nurture was fed by additional content created from offline activities – digital workshops, boot camps and discussions. This way, prospects were guided through the funnel until they were ready to engage with sales.

The New Channel

The high quality of the Oracle content was invaluable for engaging and recruiting top digital banking influencers to the campaign. Their participation brought both credibility and far-ranging reach to the programme and effectively created a whole new and extremely fruitful channel to market.

The Results

New Contacts/Leads

The Digital Bank of the Future became one of very few initiatives that the US-based Oracle started in Asia-Pacific and subsequently rolled out across EMEA and North America. It brought the client deep penetration into the global banking community and increased their credibility in the new, digital banking space.

Target pipeline was $10 million but it went on to achieve an impressive $26 million, reaching 350,000 new contacts/leads, engaging 18K+ web visitors and leading to 441 report downloads.

MOI impressed us with their completeness of vision, right from initial concept through the flawless orchestration and delivery of this campaign.
Parvez Ahmad, Director, Marketing, Oracle Financial Services