This year we’ve decided to keep it real and Cut the BS in B2B marketing. We went global with our ABM without the BS workshop, giving B2B marketers a fool proof, step-by-step guide to implementing a successful ABM strategy. Missed it? We have you covered. Download the eBook

But first things first, we are taking marketing right back to basics with our new podcast series. MOI’s resident granny is making an appearance to talk all things marketing – No BS included. OAP Brenda Smith keeps us all on our toes as we discuss the latest marketing trends, without all the fluffy jargon. Brenda’s not letting us get away with talking about ‘Account-Based Marketing’ and ‘Propensity-to-Buy’ without explaining it first. So, we’re keeping it simple, cutting out the BS so even granny can understand.

“[Propensity-to-Buy] is all about looking at information that you’ve got on your customers and trying to essentially work out who’s going to buy from you next.”

John Clarke, CEO, Cyance

We’ll be joined by the likes of Cyance CEO John Clarke and ServiceNow Global ABM Strategy Director Gemma Davies, who’ll do their best to give Brenda straight-talking answers as she quizzes them on the must-know topics for marketers. We’ll be talking GDPR, Propensity-to-Buy and bingo. Expect some laughs, some learning and a middle finger to the BS in B2B marketing.

The first podcast will be launching soon, so stay tuned. And if Brenda’s interested, you know you’re in for some BS-free marketing talk.

“Let me tell you, I’ve not had such a thrill since I got a full house at the bingo – take that, Beryl.” 

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